At Neale & Sons, we take pride in offering our clients accurate, thorough and stress-free appraisal reports at rates competitive within the industry. Our wide base of knowledge comes from a combination of academic study and nearly 70 years of practical experience. Our valuations are routinely tested by our auction services, which allow us the unique advantage of being able to keep up with the current trends of all of our appraisal departments.

Personal property is our specialty. From single items to entire estates, and from fine art to industrial machinery, Neale & Sons is prepared to offer complete, honest, and accurate valuations of your personal property.

Each appraisal assignment we perform is held up to the highest level of scrutiny. Whether your appraisal is for the purposes of Estate Tax, Living Trust, Charitable Donation, Insurance, Damage Loss Claims or Dissolution of Marriage, all of our appraisal reports are prepared to be held to the legal standards of a court of law. Neale & Sons appraisers have appeared as expert witnesses in over 150 court cases.

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Damage Loss Appraisals

Over its nearly 70 year history, Neale & Sons has prepared eminent domain appraisal reports for sectors both public and private.

Our knowledge and expertise, specifically for industrial equipment and machinery, is unparalleled.

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Eminent Domain Appraisals

The success of a winning property tax appeal is based on a clear understanding of that State’s Ad Valorem tax law and the definition of “Full Cash Value” (aka Fair Market Value). Neale & Sons has prepared numerous ad valorem tax appeal appraisals with a clear understanding of  The California Revenue and Taxation Code, as well as The California Assessor’s Handbook.

We have prepared ad valorem tax appeal appraisals for such business categories as: Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Hi Tech, Satellite Communications, Bio Medical, Law Offices, Retail Stores, as well as a myriad of other businesses.

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Tax Ad Valorum Appraisals

Neale & Sons Inc. firmly believes that an appraisal is only as good as the willingness of the appraiser to stand up in court and verify their values. Neale & Sons has provided expert witness support throughout our 70 year history. Our current staff has a track record of well over 150 such expert witness appearances and depositions for: Federal Court, Superior Court, Municipal Court, Probate Court, Franchise Tax Board and Bankruptcy Court.

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Expert Witness Rates

General Appraisal FAQ

An appraisal report is a document that:

  • Clearly states the kind of value being determined, such as fair market (used for taxes), replacement (used for insurance coverage), liquidation (used for bankruptcy or business dissolution), etc.
  • Describes the property being valued.
  • Details the procedures used to estimate the value; such as:
    • Analysis of comparable sales;
    • Estimation and analysis of income (if applicable) and
    • Relation of the appraisal values to a specific point in time (e.g. fair market value of the real estate as of January 1, 2009).
  • Includes the signature of the appraiser responsible for validity and objectivity.
  • Specifies the personal qualifications of the appraiser.

Appraisals are done for many reasons ranging from estate planning to determining value for insurance or even simple curiosity. Some common reasons for personal property appraisals include:

  • Insurance: An appraisal report documents the existence, condition and replacement value of your belongings.
  • Estate Appraisals: An appraisal report catalogues property and values for purposes like taxes, trust, or probate.
  • Equitable Distribution: An appraisal is used to settle divorce or estates for fair distribution of property that is based on fair market value.
  • Charitable Donation: An appraisal is recommended to substantiate a donation to a charitable organization of $1,000 but it is required for anything above $5,000.

Yes! Neale & Sons appraisers regularly make house calls. Travel to anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area is included in the cost of the appraisal. Additional travel expenses such as airfare and/or hotel fees are added to the cost of the appraisal. If you live outside the Bay Area and would like an estimate including travel expenses, please contact us here.

No, Neale & Sons does not buy items. We can, however, we sell some items on consignment as part of our auction services. If you are interested in selling your items without an appraisal, please see our page on consignments for more information.
Neale & Sons conducts appraisals by appointment. The first step is to book an appointment for an appraiser to visit the site where the items are located. Once the initial inspection is completed, the appraiser will begin research. Typically, you will receive your appraisal report within 2 to 3 weeks. For more details, please visit here.
Neale & Sons charges an hourly rate for appraisals. To learn more about our appraisal fees, please refer to our fee schedule. For estimates, please contact us here.

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