What to Expect

On-Site Appraisals

When one of Neale & Sons Inc. appraisers shows up at your door to do the appraisal, they will introduce themselves and give you a business card. There will most likely only be one appraiser present to accomplish the job, but on rare occasion there may additional appraisers present to assist him. If you have any discomfort with these arrangements please let our office manager know when you schedule the appraisal.

Once inside, the appraiser will then go over the appraisal process with you. If possible, the appraiser will make a quick tour of the home with you to get an overview. He may ask you the following questions. These questions are designed to speed up the appraisal process and reduce the cost to all parties involved.

  1. Can you identify the items that are community property and non-community property?
  2. Where did you buy a specific item?
  3. When did you buy a specific item?
  4. How much did you pay for a specific item?
  5. Do you have any receipts or paper trail for a specific item?

The appraiser will then go room by room and value the items. Some items will be grouped together, such as kitchen items and decor; others will be valued individually. Each item or group of items will be measured and transcribed on a tape recorder. Photographs will be taken as needed.

The verbal description of the items will include measurements, age, material, style, damage, quantity, and a first impression value. This first impression value is an estimate only. The final valuation will be reflected on the written report after research and review.

Appraisals from Photographs

We are able to appraise items from photographs, but there are limiting conditions. Items that have antique or esoteric value may need to be viewed in person to verify authenticity. If proper verification is presented with the photographs we can appraise an item that is antique. Included with the photographs should be measurements and any other relevant information. If the appraiser does not feel like he has enough information to properly appraise an item then he will be unable to determine a value. Please bring any documentation or certificates pertinent to your items with you at the time of your appraisal appointment.

After the Appraisal

After viewing and valuation, the tape recording will be taken back to our office for processing by our office manager. The appraiser will then research and review each item and come to an accurate valuation conclusion. Once all items have been valued, the final report is compiled. You can expect to receive your completed appraisal within two weeks of the date of inspection. You will receive your report in the form of a data CD containing the report as well as all photos taken of the property. Printed copies of appraisal reports are available for an additional fee. Neale & Sons will release completed reports solely to the party responsible for the billing of the appraisal report and only after it has been paid for in full. 

Payment Methods

Neale & Sons accepts cash, check, wire transfers, Visa and Master Card. You are welcome to pay for your appraisal at the time of initial inspection, by credit card over the phone, or by returning the self-addressed envelope with your invoice.


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