Damage Loss

Neale & Sons experience in the field of casualty loss and damage cases is second to none. All of our appraisals are prepared with the knowledge that we are ready and able to stand up in court, if necessary, to justify our findings. We specialize in difficult, as well as large casualty loss claims of personal property and machinery & equipment.  Our experience also allows us to deal with single items as well as entire contents of a residence or business. We have over 70 years of experience, not only in appraising personal property, but also with expert witness testimony. Our areas of expertise include categories as varied as: antiques, fine arts, decorative arts, firearms, vehicles, jewelry, general residential contents, and machinery & equipment, to name a few. Neale & Sons has conducted a wide variety of damage loss appraisals for the business sector, insurance companies, and private individuals.

Examples of our Expertise

Our experience has been utilized by individuals, corporations and insurance companies in such cases as:

2010 Nationwide v. Morgan (Joyce Vineyards). Fire Damage.

2010 Fire Exchange v. Ashlock Energy Insulation. Fire Damage.

2010 Bourhis v. City of San Anselmo. Flood Damage.

2010 Bourhis v. City of Ross, et al. Flood Damage.

2010 Abusshi v.City of San Francisco, et al. Flood Damage.

2010 PG & E v. Miller. Mold Damage.

2010 Mertillo Classic Lines v. Farmers Insurance. Mold Damage.

2009 Vigilate v. Self Help For The Eldery. Fire Damage.

2009 Suddath Relocation Systems (Kim). Breakage.

2009 James Brown v. PG&E, (Jiffy Food Stores). Fire Damage.

2009 Global Traders v.  Stone. Water Damage.

2009 Healdsburg Dental Plaza v. State Farm Insurance. Fire Damage.

2009 Leonardini v. PG&E. Fire Damage.

2009 Wallace v. Public Storage. Fire Damage.

2009 Stewart v. Silverado Country Club, (12 residences). Water Damage / Mud Slide.

2008 Fireman’s Fund v. The Montaque Co. Fire Damage.

2007 Bosinger v. Riverside Lighting, et al, Fire Damage.

2007 Cuthbert v. Tom Lee, et al, Fire Damage.

2007 Klaus Witte Collection, Florence Oregon, Water Damage.

2006 Nustratty v. PG&E, Fire Damage.

2006 Jonothan & Jin Kim Collection. Fire Damage.

2005 Madden v. South Bay Construction. Fire Damage.

2005 Montara Sanitary District v. Nan Scott, Sewage / Water Damage.

2003 Los Gatos / PG&E, Fire Damage.

1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm (over 50 residences). Fire Damage.

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (over 100 residences). Earthquake Damage.

1986 Love Creek / Santa Cruz Mountains. Water Damage / Mud Slide.

1984 San Jose / Alviso Flood, (over 80 residences), Water Damage.

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